2011 Raffle Items

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Thanks to all our awesome 2011 raffle item donors. (You can find our 2011 food & drink donors here; and our 2011 experience auction donors here.)



Anolon Cookware

Two Sets Cooking Utensils - $100 each

Beth's Farm Kitchen

Cookbook and Chutneys

Bonhomie Supper Club

Dinner for Two

Brooklyn Slate Co.

Holiday Entertaining Collection

Fish Tales Gourmet Seafood Market

$25 Gift Certificate

The Green Table

$100 Gift Certificate


$100 Gift Certificate

Murray's Cheese

$120 Gift Certificate for Two for a Cheese Class

Organic Valley

1 Year Organic Valley Products - $520 value

Peeled Snacks

Box of Peeled Snacks

Porsena Trattoria

$100 Gift Certificate

Rose Water Restaurant

Dinner for Four