Garden Event and Volunteer Day

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NOTE: This event has been cancelled.

At our newest project, Slow Food NYC will be supporting the YWCA of Brooklyn as they convert their unused rooftop space into a vibrant edible garden that can supply fresh, seasonal produce to the over two hundred women who live in their Atlantic Avenue location.

Join us, this month, to learn how to convert raised beds and planters to a sub-irrigated planter system with Frieda Lim and Bob Hyland, two Brooklyn innovators who are pioneering an easy, inexpensive way to irrigate container planters.  Attendees will be converting existing planters and raised beds to a sub-irrigated system that is both efficient and inexpensive.

To learn more go to Bob Hyland's blog at and Frieda Lim's website at

This is a great opportunity to volunteer your time and learn about some innovative new ways to irrigate your urban garden.

NOTE: This event has been cancelled.


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