Daphne Zepos (1959-2012)

by Roberto Gautier 

During my time as a cheesemonger at the farmers markets and at Murray's Cheese Shop on Bleecker, I was introduced to Daphne Zepos by the Majors of Vermont Shepherd. Later on, my interest in affinage led to a mini-stage with Daphne at the Artisanal Caves on the West Side. She was always elegant, knowledgeable, urbane and down-to-earth. Even though I haven't seen her in years I join so many others in paying her a tribute, not only as a cheese maven but for being such a wonderful human being . We will miss you, Daphne. 

Read obituaries for Daphne Zepos from the Cheesemonger's Journal and the New York Times.


Roberto Gautier is board member of Slow Food NYC and is also a teacher, writer and consultant in the artisinal food world.

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