Help Small Farmers Have a Say in FDA Proposals

By Ben Clark

[Two weeks ago] I attended an FDA listening session in Hatfield on the proposed Food Safety and Modernization Act. You may have read about this in the local media, as most outlets were well-represented, and joined the hundred-plus farmers there.

The implemented rules as currently written would negatively impact almost all farms in America, and especially small New England farms. FDA has even acknowledged that the time and expense in upgrades and paperwork will force some farms out of business. Fortunately, we do have a voice in this process. FDA is required by law to read and process all written comments related to proposed regulations.

The comment period has been extended until November, and I urge everyone reading this to write in. For more information on the rules and how to comment, please visit CISA's excellent page on how to get involved:


Ben Clark who owns Clarkdale Fruit Farm in Deerfield, MA.