The New York City Council will Support GMO Labeling in New York State, with YOUR Help!

As the Des Moines Register's editorial board recently declared: "It's time for Congress to require GMO labeling."

When it comes down to it, Americans have a right to know what is in their food. Heavily funded corporate food interests have done their best to squelch state GMO label-campaigns on the west coast, but they didn't take into account the independent nature of New England voters. Connecticut and Maine were first to pass a GMO labeling law, albeit they won't go into effect unless more of their neighboring states follow suit. However, it was Vermont Live-Free-or-Die kind of voters, who stood up and said enough is enough. They passed the first "real" GMO labeling law this Spring. It was to go into effect this summer, but lawsuits are holding up implementation.

We believe now, more than ever, it is critical for New Yorkers to stand up and support our New England brethren by offering a strong sign of support through a GMO labeling resolution. It could make passage of a statewide labeling law in Albany next year much more likely.

The good news is there's already a proposed resolution moving through the New York City Council. Last March, Council members Ben Kallos, Alan Maisel, and Jumaane Williams introduced a resolution in support of the 2014 NYS GMO labeling bill (A.3525/S.3835). The resolution is now with the Committee on Consumer Affairs. Now is the time to rally and encourage your City Council member to adopt the resolution. The state bill may not have passed this year, but it WILL be back in 2015. This is why it's important to get NYC government support now.

Find your City Council Member at and call or e-mail him or her (click the Contact button to cut, paste, and e-mail) with this short message...

"I am one of more than 20,000 supporters of Slow Food NYC, the local chapter of a national, non-profit organization dedicated to good, clean, and fair food and farming. I support eaters' right to know about the food they eat and serve their families. I urge you to support Resolution 0119-2014 that calls upon the New York State Legislature to pass a GMO labeling law. Thank you."
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