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(Slow) Food for Thought: Inaugural Terra Madre Giovani Kicks Off in Milan

Slow Food NYC is thrilled to present the first of a mini-series written by guest blogger Kelly McGlinchey about her time on the ground at Terra Madre Giovani in Milan.

Taste Talks Brooklyn 2015 – Event Wrap-up

Taste Talks connects food enthusiasts to thought leaders and luminaries from around the world in engaging panel discussions, lively food demonstrations and one-of-a-kind experiences celebrating 'what's next' in the food industry.

Second Annual Cassoulet War Coming Soon

D'Artagnan's Second Annual Cassoulet War celebrates the iconic seasonal dish with all proceeds going to Action Against Hunger.

Event Round-up - L'Albero dei Gelati: 'Slow Gelato' Class

Owners Monia Solighetto and Alessandro Trezza hosted the 'Slow Gelato' class on their outdoor patio at L'Albero dei Gelati in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

SFUSA Tells Congress: America Needs a Strong Child Nutrition Reauthorization!

During 2012, federal school food programs helped provide free or low-cost school meals to more than 31 million children in more than 100,000 public and non-profit, private schools.

Call to Action: DARK Act

We agree with 93% of Americans: We have a right to know what's in our food. Let's make sure the Senate version of the DARK Act never sees the light of day.

The New Liquid Economy: Bank on Greek Wines

Greek wines remain a sound investment in quality and taste... and perhaps they are the key to rebuilding a more stable economy back home.

Don't Be Cruel... Tell Your Rep.

If I eat meat, does that mean that I don’t care about animals? Absolutely not! Including meat in your diet does not have to mean leaving your values at the restaurant or grocery store door. We hope you will join Slow Food NYC in demanding that our New York State legislators support banning the use of gestation and confinement crates.

Spirits of New York: Event Wrap-Up

Ashley Montes, of "Discovering New Sabor", recounts her experience at the Fourth Annual Spirits of New York event.

NGI Sustainable Farming Scholarship

Natural Gourmet Institute is offering a full scholarship to the Sustainable Farming Certificate Program to a member of the Slow Food NYC Community. The Sustainable Farming Certificate Program is a two week hands-on course where students live and work on a biodynamic farm, experience urban farming with one of New York City's leading rooftop farms, Brooklyn Grange, and tour the Greenmarket Co.'s food hub and distribution facility.


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