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Shining Light on an Opaque Seafood Industry

Though we do need better seafood regulation, the real issue is the supply chain itself. It is constructed around an outdated model in which suppliers hide their sources, dealers hide their markets, and fish becomes a commodity whose value is lost from the people and communities who harvest them.

Slow Food NYC Recruiting Board Members for 2013

We just wrapped up another ambitious year and we are now seeking passionate, talented, energetic Slow Food supporters who will join our Board and help us continue our work toward a good, clean and fair food system in New York City.

The Sweet, Sweet Holidays are Upon Us

A typical weekend for us at the farm driving up to our farmhouse in Delaware County with our german shepherd, Baron. First we go to the hen house and check on our 12 chickens and grab some eggs. Then we head out to the garden to harvest our groceries for the week consisting of every herb imaginable along with heritage lettuce, kale, tomatoes, and corn. But the most fun job is when we put on our bee-suits and tend to our 10 hives.

Second Annual Slow Food Show was a Success

For the second year in a row, the Slow Food Show descended upon East Village haunt Jimmy’s No. 43 for a full afternoon of delicious local eats across a spectrum of different edible businesses. Bringing together an array of different local food entrepreneurs inside the confines of one of the neighborhood’s most eclectic and cozy establishments, the ingredients and methods of preparation revolve around locally sourced materials, focusing on a commitment to food that’s been dubbed ‘good, clean, and fair.’

Whatcha Gonna Do When the Fish Cops Come for You?

We may not all be lucky enough to live near a dock, but we can ask questions and demand traceability and a clear story behind the fish that we purchase.

New York City Food in Good Measure

A lot of us who care about the New York City food system and its consequences, good and bad, know a lot of numbers… how much is spent on food in New York City, how many eaters live here and how many rely on SNAP and emergency food, and how many of us are obese and suffer diabetes, to mention a few of our most cited.

Hurricane Sandy Relief

Many of our Snail of Approval awardees have experienced heavy damages due to Hurricane Sandy. Here are some ways you can help these small businesses so they can continue to make Good, Clean, and Fair food available in New York City.

The fourth annual Food Sovereignty Prize Ceremony

In celebration of those grassroots activists working for a more democratic food system, the fourth annual Food Sovereignty Prize champions the right of people to determine their own food and agriculture policies and the grassroots groups that defend it!

The Old One, Two for GMOs

Although we have genetically modified animals for thousands of years, we did it through classical, selective breeding over decades and even centuries. Now, technology enables the transfer of genetic material from one organism to another to create different, ostensibly desirable, variations. GMO foods are a source of continuing controversy about their long-term effects on humans, wildlife, and our food chain.

Screening Specials for "Now, Forager"

The creators of the new film offer a special screening discount for Slow Food NYC supporters as well as movie tie-in events with several Snail of Approval restaurants.


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