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Table To Farm: The Restaurant Returns to the Source

January 18th marked the third in a series of dinners by The Blooming Hill Farm Supper Club, featuring a team from NYC's Lupa Restaurant which has earned the Slow Food Snail of Approval.

Book Review: "The Meat Racket" by Christopher Leonard

Christopher Leonard's new exposé on the chicken industry focuses on the economic machinery that delivers meat to us, or, as he puts it, "the hidden power structure that has quietly reshaped U.S. rural economies while gaining unprecedented control over the nation's meat supply."

"Organic": Semantic Manipulation Examined

The meaning of the word "organic" has become a semantic debate that has changed and divided a movement. Francesco Mastalia has been examining the issue through a series of interviews and photographs in a project entitled "ORGANIC: Farmers and Chefs of the Hudson Valley".

Get Involved... Join the Slow Food USA Policy Task Force

Slow Food USA is creating a new Policy Task Force for those who want to be more deeply engaged in these kinds of opportunities to advocate for structural change.

Producer Profiles: Love of JoJo

Inaugurating its producer profiles, Slow Food NYC spoke with Jolene Collins, founder and owner of Love of JoJo, a Brooklyn-based producer of artisanal sriracha.

The Farm Bill Everyone Can Hate

After a long and painful process we finally are a presidential signature away from a comprehensive Farm Bill that, at best, is bitter sweet.

GMO Labeling in New York State? You Can Help!

Big companies are lobbying to undermine any labeling of Genetically Modified Foods. Your help is needed to make sure that all New Yorkers gain the right to know what is in the food we eat.

The 3rd Annual Slow Food Show

This year's event featured many local producers with unique and interesting stories of how they got their business moving and brought their product to the world.

Happy Holidays from Slow Food NYC

Help Slow Food NYC realize all of its extraordinary good, clean, fair food initiatives that help shape the way the City eats in 2014! Consider making a 100% tax-deductible contribution, either for yourself or in someone's honor, this holiday season.

Tasty, Rare Foods That You Can Try

Slow Food invites you to celebrate by enjoying tasty, rare foods that are on the brink of extinction in your area. One example from the Ark of Taste in the USA is the Newtown Pippin Apple.


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