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Other Community Events Round-up - May 2013

Slow Food NYC stands with and supports lots of other organizations that share our goal of moving towards a Good, Clean, and Fair food system. Each month we will post a round-up of events from other organizations that may be of interest.

Food + Enterprise + Pitch Competition

Slow Money NYC and Food Book Fair give new companies a forum to present their business plans before expert judges and a live audience at the stylin' Wythe Hotel, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Whole Foods to Label Genetically Modified Foods

Whole Foods Market just announced that the company will require all genetically engineered foods on its shelves to be labeled by 2018! It is the first national grocery chain to do so.

GM Salmon: Why You Should Care

The federal Food and Drug Administration is on track to approve AquaBounty AquaAdvantave transgentic salmon - the first genetically engineered animal intended as food for humans. There's no proof that eating these genetically engineered salmon is safe. Learn more about the issues and how you can help push the FDA to delay approval until the public's concerns are answered.

Daphne Zepos (1959-2012)

A Slow Food NYC board member remembers his experiences with one of America's great authorities on cheese.

Improving the Economics of Organic

" farms aren’t operating at the economies of scale that they need to be to make organic food affordable to most Americans. This is also why organic food is failing to act as a viable alternative to conventionally produced food..."

'Milk Money' from the City Pages in Minneapolis

Monsanto and Kraft aren't the only big players in our food system. Read about the Dairy Termination Program or the "Whole Herd Buyout" created by Cooperatives Working Together (CWT).

So, Who Needs a Farm Bill?

You do! Find out why New Yorkers need to care about the Food and Farm Bill and what you can do to help make sure that the new Food and Farm Bill is a Good, Clean, and Fair one.

The NYC Food Book Fair

The world's first event aimed at bringing together food publications from around the globe. In addition to cookbooks, the Food Book Fair will feature memoirs and magazines addressing diverse topics including science, food systems, agriculture, urban design, food art and culture.

The (S)low Down - Annual Fundraiser and Experience Auction

Save the date! Slow Food NYC will be holding its annual fundraiser and experience auction, The (S)low Down, on Wednesday, November 16th at 6:30pm at the fabulous Invisible Dog Gallery in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.


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