Le Fanfare

Le Fanfare is a beautiful and warm authentic Italian restaurant in Greenpoint from the owners of Nolita darling, Epistrophy Café. 

Tucked at the end of Manhattan Avenue and situated among the traditional Polish bakeries and butchers, Le Fanfare features simple Italian cooking and live jazz music, paired with an all Italian wine list and classic cocktails. 

The Pixie and the Scout

The Pixie and The Scout is a catering and events brand serving the five boroughs. Inspired by a wide network of farming and fishing friends, The Pixie and The Scout strives for sustainability in everything from sourcing to service. The company offers custom menus and events tailored to a particular client as well as menus and meals available for online ordering and delivery.

Heritage Foods USA

Founded and based in New York City, Heritage Foods USA is a farm to table online butcher dedicated to supporting family farms and increasing biodiversity in our nation's food system. Their mission is to create a fully traceable food supply, increase genetic diversity & foster land stewardship. Heritage Foods USA connects a steady-growing network of 75 family farms to a national market. They promote breeds that have been marginalized by industrial farming. Their animals are pasture raised, processed humanely and free of antibiotics or growth hormones.


At Wythe Hotel - 80 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (WIlliamsburg).


Martha is the patron saint of hospitality and a dragon tamer. And a restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

We’re an evolution of The Brooklyn Sandwich Society, from the people that brought you Brooklyn Edible Social Club.

Martha believes in buying produce from her neighbors and cooking it five ways before it’s gone. She doesn’t like the word “local”. She likes duck, Dragon’s Tongue beans, and playing dancehall in the open kitchen.

She’s a butcher and a gardener and a good dancer.

We can’t wait for you to meet her.


184 DeKalb Avenue




L’Albero dei gelati

Authentic Italian cafe serving local, seasonal and organic sweets and savory gelato. AS GOOD AS NATURE!

L’Albero dei gelati makes gelato and pastries using raw organic materials from local producers and from the finest Italian products. It is also a winery serving wines from biodynamic farms and a variety of cheeses and salumi platters.

341 5th Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11215

Brooklyn Oenology

Brooklyn Oenology Winery (pron. 'EN-ology', or simply 'BOE'), is a locally focused winery based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, founded in 2006 by winemaker Alie Shaper. BOE works to bridge the culinary, agricultural, and art worlds by crafting award-winning regional wines from NY State grapes and by displaying the work of New York City artists on their bottle labels.

Brooklyn Kitchen, the

Notes from owners, Taylor and Harry...

Preparing for our annual New Year’s Day Chili Party in 2005, we lamented the lack of a neighborhood kitchenware store. Taylor was tiring of her job as a construction project manager, and Harry a freelancer always up for a new project and adventure was happy to fan the flames of entrepreneurship. At first it was what seemed like a good idea over dinner with friends, but the more we talked about it and got excited about it we decided to go for it. The Brooklyn Kitchen is the result of those ideas.

Uncouth Vermouth

Uncouth Vermouth believes in transparency and commitment to sustainability. All ingredients are either foraged from untouched areas, or purchased from a farm that does not succomb to modification and is preferably non-profit. Farmers, not grocery stores. The middle of the woods, not Prospect Park. Your closest source isn't always your best source, but if you're willing to do your homework you can create a delicious, locally-sourced vermouth without a drop of sugar, no additives and/or preservatives. Seasonal ingredients produce seasonal flavors to pair with our isochronal meals.


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