Good Fork, The

In the battle for the most “slow” restaurants in a borough, The Good Fork may well push Brooklyn over the top. This cozy restaurant serves seasonal, eclectic cuisine with many locally sourced ingredients


Franny’s is the very model of a “slow” restaurant. Everything that can be purchased locally is; all meats are from sustainable sources; all curing is done in-house.

Frankie’s Spuntino

A spuntino in Italy is a quick bite, but Frankies Spuntino offers much more than that – the Frankies, the one Falcinelli and the other Castronovo, are equally dedicated to the traditions they learned in their grandparents’ kitchens and to the need for sustainability in the food supply.

Flatbush Farms

Brooklyn is at the height of its own seasonal movement with scores of restaurants serving local and sustainable cuisine. The Farm, as its owner Damon Gordon calls it, is leading the pack with Chef Eric Lind, formerly of Eberhard Muller’s Bayard.

Farm on Adderley, The

"If that ever happens I'll buy you a farm on Adderley!" is what they say in Cape Town, South Africa to express extreme unlikelihood, like the chances, for example, that first time restaurateurs Gary Jonas and Allison McDowell would make a go of it in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.


What's better than a southern breakfast except maybe southern breakfast all day? Chef/owner of egg George Weld is an expatriated Virginian, who says, "People should be able to take for granted the provenance of the food they eat," and at egg you can because George doesn't.

Added Value / Red Hook Community Farm

Added Value is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn by nurturing a new generation of young leaders. At the center of their work is the Red Hook Community Farm, a once-dilapidated playground transformed by community residents into a vibrant three-acre organic urban farm.

Blue Apron Foods

In 2002, Ted Matern and Allen Palmer opened this tiny gourmet shop crammed with everything a slow foodie needs. They make every effort to source locally; sources for the all-local pastries and breads include Margaret Palca, Baked in Red Hook and Royal Crown breads. The list of locally produced comestibles is long but customer's favorite products are Jacque Torres Chocolates, Wheelhouse and Rick's Picks pickles, Acme smoked meats, Biellese Charcuterie, Karl Ehmer meats, Bec Fin Pate, Amy Berg cookies and Catsmo Smoked Salmon.

Beer Table

Members of Slow Food NYC may remember Justin Philips – at a series of tastings in 2004, he introduced us to the Supreme Champion Beer of Scotland, Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted. Justin and wife Tricia have now opened Beer Table, where they offer a constantly changing selection of craft beers from around the world. The menu is set up to pair with the beer offerings, and everything is seasonal and locally-sourced.


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