Angelica Kitchen

This well known vegan restaurant in the East Village has been committed to sustainable agriculture, responsible business practices and delicious, fresh, healthful vegetarian cuisine for over thirty years.


Savino DiPalo's latteria opened on Mott Street in 1910, and supplied homemade mozzarella and ricotta to the neighborhood, but under the stewardship of Savino's great-grandson Lou, along with his brother Sal and sister Marie, DiPalo's has grown to become the top importer of Italian food products in New York. Lou won't sell it if he hasn't tasted it, and he doesn't expect you to buy it if you haven't tasted it, so every product in the store is hand-picked, sourced from traditional artisans throughout Italy, and every trip into the store is a taste education.


Dickson's Farmstand Meats

Local, sustainably and humanely raised, high quality, fresh, beautifully butchered and dressed meat finally comes to Manhattan, thanks to owner Jake Dickson, butcher Adam Tiberio and chef Gabriel Ross at Dickson's Farmstand Meats at the Chelsea Market.


Most people know of or have heard about the great beer bar in the East Village... it's true: d.b.a. has an excellent rotating selection of tapped and bottled beers, from the local avant-garde to the international classics. Look for chocolate stout from Brooklyn, cider from upstate, raspberry lambic from Belgium... and their ample selection of draft beers includes the display of which day the kegs were tapped.


Award-winning chef Tom Colicchio's Flatiron District Contemporary American is widely recognized as one of the city's top restaurants for impeccably sourced seasonal ingredients. The menu's strikingly minimalist dish descriptions (the names of single vegetables, meats and seafood are listed under categories such as "Roasted," "Braised," and "Sauteed") mirror the preparations themselves, which are seemingly simple and often perfectly executed. While it's a big-ticket dining destination, the food is served family-style, adding a touch of informality to the proceedings; N.B.


When Cookshop opened a little over a year ago a subtle celebration of local fare brought an otherwise dark spot near the West Side Highway to life. Cookshop has the feeling of home—Marc Meyers delights diners with straightforward but sumptuous treatments of seasonal produce and naturally raised meats, the flavors always perfectly tuned. Producers are indicated—the waters of Montauk and the farms of the Hudson Valley and the Berkshires feature prominently—in a room that conveys the importance of the meal, its origins and the company that surrounds it at any given table.


Chambers Street Wines

Chambers Street Wines resembles many other neighborhood wine stores, but as you wander slowly from rack to rack (as Snails do) you start to get it – Chambers Street really is dedicated to small producers and natural production. Their website lists more than 200 "natural, organic and biodynamic" wines from all over the world, and their in-store tastings feature interesting, hard-to-find bottles (the day I was there seven small Italian winemakers were showing). Absent from the shelves are the generic wines made by today's global wine groups...but you can get those anywhere.



Greenmarket was founded in 1976 with a two-fold mission: to promote regional agriculture by providing small family farms the opportunity to sell their locally grown products directly to consumers, and to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to the freshest, most nutritious locally grown food the region has to offer.

Green Table, The

The Green Table, in the Chelsea Market, is an outgrowth of Mary Cleaver’s The Cleaver Company, which for thirty years has been one of NYC’s pre‐eminent green caterers.

Great Performances

Great Performances started in 1979 as Great Performances, Artists as Waitresses, a staffing firm that provided “day jobs” for women in the arts. They have grown into one of the city’s top catering and food service management firms


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