Member Donations Help SFNYC Expand It’s Harvest Time Program

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Slow Food NYC is excited to announce that this fall Harvest Time has expanded to Williamsburg. We are now sponsoring an edible schoolyard that is part of the NYC Department of Education Garden to Café program. These programs are made possible primarily by proceeds from member’s attendance at Slow Food NYC events. Harvest Time is part of the national Slow Food in Schools program that works to create meaningful and beneficial relationships between youth and food. By placing emphasis on hands-on experiences, community interaction, and the pleasures of good, healthful food, the Slow Food NYC Harvest Time program gives students the opportunity to work together and discover the joy that comes from growing and sharing good food and preparing and sharing healthful meals. Through the course of the year, students come to understand seasonality, food traditions, and the importance of locally grown foods and they learn to appreciate the simplicity and joy of sharing food they produce themselves. This year, Slow Food is working with schools in East Harlem and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, areas in food crisis, with the City's highest rates of food-related conditions, diabetes and obesity. Our goals are to connect students, teachers, and parents to good, clean, and fair food. In East Harlem, Slow Food sponsors good food education and a youth farmstand. Please consider donating to our Harvest Time program by attending our fundraiser with Chef Bill Telepan on October 19th — for details and tickets go to