The Third Annual Slow Food Show

Sunday, December 8, 2013 (
1:00pm to 5:00pm

The Slow Food Show showcases local food entrepreneurs who are committed to building our regional food and farm economy through the production of their artisanal products. The efforts of these producers deliver undeniably delicious outcomes.

All of the participants are small-scale and hands-on, sharing a commitment to good, clean, and fair food. They:

  • Maintain production facilities in New York City, or New York State, in the case of co-packing or on-farm production.
  • Use principal ingredients that are produced primarily in our region in a sustainable and humane way or, if from afar, that are traded in a fair or direct manner.
  • Do not use artificial ingredients.

The public is invited to come and sample products, chat with the producers, and purchase showcased products.

This year, The Slow Food Show is produced in partnership with Astor Center....

Producers include:

  • A&B American Style Condiments
  • Cocktail Crate
  • Granola Lab
  • Grown in Brooklyn
  • Jin's Journey
  • Love of JoJo, Inc.
  • Love Sweet Love
  • Luca & Bosco Ice Cream
  • Minnie's Bake Shop
  • NAFI'S Hot Pepper Condiments
  • NUTS AND BOLTS Brooklyn
  • Orwasher's
  • Saucy by Nature
  • Spicy 'n Sweet
  • The Saucey Sauce Company

Location: Astor Center - 399 Lafayette St (@ 4th st); Manhattan

Tickets: $10 Slow Food Members / $10 Students / $15 Non-members

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Proceeds from this event support the programs of Slow Food NYC, including Urban Harvest, an educational program in 16 New York City schools and at a summer urban farm in Brooklyn. Each year, more than 1,000 kids learn how good, clean, and fair food is important to their health and well-being, the health of their families and communities, and the health of the planet.

As we work to support the rights of  farmers and eaters, we strive to seek a balance. As the GMO debate continues, we invite producers, as a condition of participation in this Slow Food NYC event, to sign this statement:

"I support the rights of eaters and drinkers to know what is in the food and beverages they enjoy. I do not knowingly use GMO ingredients in the products that I am offering. If I do know, or have good reason to know, that I am using GMO ingredients in any part of my production, I agree to so represent my products to eaters and drinkers attending the Slow Food NYC event in which I am participating."

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