Caterers & Food Service

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Portable Chef

Portable Chef aims to improve your life through the pleasures of delicious, sustainable, and healthy food.

In a nation obsessed with eating healthy, we seem completely incapable of coming to a consensus over what we should and shouldn’t eat. Food fads come and go, which has only served to make things more confusing.

Great Performances

Great Performances started in 1979 as Great Performances, Artists as Waitresses, a staffing firm that provided “day jobs” for women in the arts. They have grown into one of the city’s top catering and food service management firms

Cleaver Company

The Cleaver Company is the parent company of previous Snail winner The Green Table, and is New York's pre-eminent, and was probably New York's first, green caterer. The company was born thirty years ago – long before "green," "sustainability," and "locavore" were part of our food vernacular – out of Mary Cleaver's conviction that the best foods are grown, tended and harvested within a day's drive of your table.

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