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Butcher Bar

Butcher Bar's mission is to connect customers to the source of their food – small scale, sustainable local farms that are committed to producing natural, humanely raised, high quality and distinctive meat products.

Theier goal is to educate customers to a growing movement of health conscious eating and sustainable farming practices.

Brooklyn Kitchen, the

Notes from owners, Taylor and Harry...

Preparing for our annual New Year’s Day Chili Party in 2005, we lamented the lack of a neighborhood kitchenware store. Taylor was tiring of her job as a construction project manager, and Harry a freelancer always up for a new project and adventure was happy to fan the flames of entrepreneurship. At first it was what seemed like a good idea over dinner with friends, but the more we talked about it and got excited about it we decided to go for it. The Brooklyn Kitchen is the result of those ideas.

Fleisher's Grass-Fed Organic Meats

Heritage & Legacy

Fleisher’s Meats carries premium products from local farmers who have raised their animals on a primarily grass-based diet or organically-raised. These animals live natural stress-free lives and are not treated with antibiotics, hormones or fed animal-by-products and therefore produce healthy, great-tasting meat, milk and eggs. We consider ourselves partners with farmers who share our standards and practices.

Harlem Shambles

This butcher shop's name comes from its location (Harlem) and an old term for a meat market (Shambles). The shop will focus on locally sourced meats, and the owner is a trained butcher who'll be able to do custom cuts for customers.

Stinky Bklyn

Stinky Bklyn is a purveyor of cheeses, cured meats, and an eclectic assortment of packaged food products. They offer quite a few farmstead and artisanal cheeses from the Bronson Hill Creamery, Sprout Creek Farm, Northland Sheep Dairy, and other local producers. Milk and other dairy products are from Evans Farm House Dairy. Salvatore, a well-known Brooklyn processor, supplies ricotta, and yogurt is from an Icelandic recipe made in Queens by Siggis.

Saxelby Cheese

Just inside the city-owned Essex Street Market you will find the tiniest cheese shop filled with the largest assortment of American farmstead cheeses. Saxelby Cheesemongers has a selection from farms all over the US, but the majority come from cheesemakers in the northeast—New York, Vermont, Connecticut. Many of the products showcased are from farms that proprietor Anne Saxelby has visited or worked on, so she's a font of information about how and where each cheese was produced.

Meat Hook, The

The Meat Hook, snuggled in at the back of The Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg, offers responsible carnivores meat from regionally, humanely and sustainably raised livestock. It's easy to spot The Brooklyn Kitchen as you walk along Frost St—a life-sized statue of a steer stands outside the front door.

New Amsterdam Market

New Amsterdam Market is a reinvention of the Public Market, once a prevalent institution in the City of New York. New Amsterdam Market is currently held in the parking lot fronting the Fulton Fish Market at the South Street Seaport, a district in which public markets have been held since 1642. Revived for our present times and needs, New Amsterdam Market provides an outlet for for small, local butchers, grocers, mongers, and other vendors who source, produce, distribute, and sell foods made with regional ingredients.

O Ottomanelli & Sons Prime Meat Market

Ottomanelli’s is a classic, one of the last of its kind. When they opened eighty or so years ago there was a neighborhood butcher in every neighborhood in America — now it’s a rarity in New York, an anomaly in most places. Ottomanelli’s was one of the first butchers to source free‐range poultry and pasture‐raised meats, but the real contribution they make is their practice and maintenance of what has become a severely endangered set of skills, of artistry really, that bridges the wide gap between the animal in the field and the food in the pan.

One Girl Cookies

David Crofton and Dawn Casales are obsessive about cookies and design. Their store is a jewel box, each coin-sized cookie a Tiffany-like masterpiece. The dozen different varieties are categorized either classic or chocolate – my favorite is the Cecilia, a mocha cream filling sandwiched between chocolate wafers.


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