The Pixie and the Scout

The Pixie and The Scout is a catering and events brand serving the five boroughs. Inspired by a wide network of farming and fishing friends, The Pixie and The Scout strives for sustainability in everything from sourcing to service. The company offers custom menus and events tailored to a particular client as well as menus and meals available for online ordering and delivery.

Heritage Foods USA

Founded and based in New York City, Heritage Foods USA is a farm to table online butcher dedicated to supporting family farms and increasing biodiversity in our nation's food system. Their mission is to create a fully traceable food supply, increase genetic diversity & foster land stewardship. Heritage Foods USA connects a steady-growing network of 75 family farms to a national market. They promote breeds that have been marginalized by industrial farming. Their animals are pasture raised, processed humanely and free of antibiotics or growth hormones.

Chrissy's Cooking Club

Chrissy's Cooking Club promotes from-scratch cooking using local ingredients from the New York region. Chrissy's Cooking club is based in Bushwick, Brooklyn and facilitates its members' exploration of everything about food, from how it's grown and produced, to some of the best dishes coming out from local chefs, plus tons of cooking in-between. Ingredients for Chrissy's Cooking Club courses are sourced from farmers at the Bushwick Farmers Market, the Bushwick CSA, NextDoorOrganics CSA and Boswyck Farms.

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