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Coppersea Distillery

Coppersea Distilling is a traditional-methods farm distillery in New York's Hudson Valley, they produce whisky and brandy expressions using grain and fruit sourced exclusively from Hudson Valley farms and orchards. They take a painstaking, handmade approach to spirits by floor-malting our own grain, using open wooden fermenters to encourage wild fermentation and distilling in old-fashioned live-flame pot stills. Coppersea Distillery also has a 75-acre organic farm where we grow our own grain, have planted an heirloom pear orchard and raise heritage breed pigs on our spent mash.

City Saucery

We're a modern family business based in NYC with a mission to redefine jarred tomato sauces. Inspired by Nonna's native Calabria, Italy and following in the Mediterranean tradition, we handcraft all our sauces in small batches to ensure the highest quality with ingredients and flavor, sourcing locally, regionally and from our very own organic garden. This traditional approach to cooking is what Nonna knows and it's what we're jarring. The way tomato sauce should taste!

Uncouth Vermouth

Uncouth Vermouth believes in transparency and commitment to sustainability. All ingredients are either foraged from untouched areas, or purchased from a farm that does not succomb to modification and is preferably non-profit. Farmers, not grocery stores. The middle of the woods, not Prospect Park. Your closest source isn't always your best source, but if you're willing to do your homework you can create a delicious, locally-sourced vermouth without a drop of sugar, no additives and/or preservatives. Seasonal ingredients produce seasonal flavors to pair with our isochronal meals.

MilkMade Ice Cream

MilkMade was not started with business pursuits in mind... rather, Diana Hardeman just wanted a better pint. After years of buying a-pint-a-night from her local bodega, she realized she was left increasingly unsatisfied - pints had shrunk, what was once ‘natural’ could no longer be labeled as such, and flavors weren’t aligned with her more adventurous palate.

Salumeria Biellese

Salumeria Biellese has been making artisanal salumi on the west side of Manhattan since it was founded by Ugo Buzzio, from the Piemontese village of Curino, near Biella, back in 1925. Ugo was joined in the business by his paesano Piero Fiorio, and today Ugo's son, Marc Buzzio, and Piero's sons-in-law, Paul Valetutti and Fouad Alsharif, carry on the tradition along with their sons, making Salumeria Biellese a third-generation family affair.

Tortilleria Nixtamal

Fernando Ruiz and Shauna Page founded Tortilleria Nixtamal to do no less than change New York's reputation for bad Mexican food, and to do it with the humblest but most basic of ingredients, the tortilla. But the tortilla depends on the masa — the dough made not of corn meal, but of soaked, ground corn — and the masa depends on the nixtamal — the whole corn treated with lime, just as the Aztecs did. They had to start by finding the one family farm in Illinois that could supply them with just the right white dent non-GMO corn... and as they say, el resto es historia.

Lucy's Whey

Lucy's Whey sells American Artisanal cheeses. They all made by hand, and all present "a distinctive flavor profile that reflects the animals, the region, and the ingenuity of the cheesemakers." The staff is passionate and knowledgeable, not only about the cheeses but about the intrinsic relationship between taste, terroir and healthy communities that is at the heart of Slow Food's ethic of food that is good, clean and fair. Full disclosure: One of those people is Chelsea Market store manager Amy Thompson, longtime member of the SFNYC leadership and our resident cheese expert.

Hot Bread Kitchen


Hot Bread Kitchen increases economic security for foreign-born and low-income women and men by opening access to the billion dollar specialty food industry. We do this through our culinary workforce and business incubation programs, Project Launch and HBK Incubates.


To help offset the cost of our training and to build esteem in the contribution of immigrants, we sell delicious multi-ethnic breads that are inspired by our bakers and the many countries that they come from.  We make it a priority to use local and organic ingredients.

Rick's Pick

Brine got into Rick Field’s blood at an early age. As a kid in the 70’s he made pickles with his parents in Vermont. "Pickling is fun," says Rick, and that’s why he started making pickles in his Brooklyn apartment in 1997, using local produce from the nearby Greenmarket. By 2004, Rick was winning pickle awards and he gave up his "day job" to become a professional pickler.

Red Jacket Orchards

Red Jacket is a family farm, now in its third generation, that produces over 20 varieties of apple, a range of summer fruits including berries, cherries and stone fruits, and a wonderful line of cold-pressed and unfiltered 100% fruit juices. Red Jacket employs Integrated Pest Management and is certified by the Food Alliance as a sustainable producer, and their integrated fruit business, including growing, storing, packing and shipping, keeps the supply chain as short as possible from farm to table.


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