Award-winning chef Tom Colicchio's Flatiron District Contemporary American is widely recognized as one of the city's top restaurants for impeccably sourced seasonal ingredients. The menu's strikingly minimalist dish descriptions (the names of single vegetables, meats and seafood are listed under categories such as "Roasted," "Braised," and "Sauteed") mirror the preparations themselves, which are seemingly simple and often perfectly executed. While it's a big-ticket dining destination, the food is served family-style, adding a touch of informality to the proceedings; N.B.


When Cookshop opened a little over a year ago a subtle celebration of local fare brought an otherwise dark spot near the West Side Highway to life. Cookshop has the feeling of home—Marc Meyers delights diners with straightforward but sumptuous treatments of seasonal produce and naturally raised meats, the flavors always perfectly tuned. Producers are indicated—the waters of Montauk and the farms of the Hudson Valley and the Berkshires feature prominently—in a room that conveys the importance of the meal, its origins and the company that surrounds it at any given table.


Brooklyn Larder

For those of you already enamored of the wonderful pizzas, pastas and etc.

Green Table, The

The Green Table, in the Chelsea Market, is an outgrowth of Mary Cleaver’s The Cleaver Company, which for thirty years has been one of NYC’s pre‐eminent green caterers.

Gramercy Tavern

Chef Mike Anthony’s love of fresh, seasonal ingredients was born in the kitchen of a tiny Tokyo restaurant, and grew up in top restos in Paris and New York, including Dan Barber’s Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Good Fork, The

In the battle for the most “slow” restaurants in a borough, The Good Fork may well push Brooklyn over the top. This cozy restaurant serves seasonal, eclectic cuisine with many locally sourced ingredients


Franny’s is the very model of a “slow” restaurant. Everything that can be purchased locally is; all meats are from sustainable sources; all curing is done in-house.

Frankie’s Spuntino

A spuntino in Italy is a quick bite, but Frankies Spuntino offers much more than that – the Frankies, the one Falcinelli and the other Castronovo, are equally dedicated to the traditions they learned in their grandparents’ kitchens and to the need for sustainability in the food supply.

Flatbush Farms

Brooklyn is at the height of its own seasonal movement with scores of restaurants serving local and sustainable cuisine. The Farm, as its owner Damon Gordon calls it, is leading the pack with Chef Eric Lind, formerly of Eberhard Muller’s Bayard.

Farm on Adderley, The

"If that ever happens I'll buy you a farm on Adderley!" is what they say in Cape Town, South Africa to express extreme unlikelihood, like the chances, for example, that first time restaurateurs Gary Jonas and Allison McDowell would make a go of it in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.


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