Street Vendor

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream was launched in Spring 2008 by Ben Van Leeuwen,  Laura O'Neill and Pete Van Leeuwen. They make their ice cream using only fresh milk and cream, cane sugar, egg yolks and finest flavors from small producers locally and around the world. There are now six trucks and three stores around Brooklyn and Manhattan serving their house made ice creams, Toby's Estate Coffee and fresh pastries from the Van Leeuwen Artisan Bakery.


Morris Truck, The

Food truck that spilts its time between Manhattan and Brooklyn.  As they say, "Just making great food."

Pizza Moto

A crew of pizza makers traveling the earth with a stone and steel hearth welded to a flatbed trailer. We built our oven inspired by equal parts locomotive and Italian grandmother. Tired of sad, lifeless street fair pizza, we wanted to make real pizza for NYC’s outdoor events in the Italian tradition of the wood fired oven, with a rig that’s on wheels! and light weight! and (virtually) indestructible!

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