The Producer Matrix is a system for farmers, fishermen and processors to directly link to retailers, chefs and buyers - an expansion of our Snail of Approval program to include the entire supply chain

The Matrix takes into account not only conditions of production or farming but also the systems used in the logistics, distribution, and processing. Where previous attempts failed, only offering aggregated farmer lists to New York City restaurants, the new Matrix considers the means between these two ends, that are the processing, storage, and distribution methods. In an unprecedented way, SFNYC is vetting the entire supply chain by working side by side with mission driven purveyors and distributors to identify methods that best support the tenets of good, clean and fair food. This holistic view of our food system allows producers to reach more potential buyers, get fair pricing for their labors, and create transparency in the distribution chain. 

To date, we have vetted nearly 130 farms, processors, and distributors that represent better sources of good, clean, fair food. The information gathered will be available here in a user-friendly format soon.


To learn more about our Producer Matrix program, please write to