Dancing Ewe Hand Crafted Cheeses

Jody was a young veterinarian who wanted to go to Tuscany and learn cheesemaking; Luisa was a young Tuscan woman who wanted to come to America. They are now a married couple whose work is preserving both New York State farm land and the traditional Tuscan art of handmaking sheep's milk cheeses. The sheep are raised naturally, grazing Dancing Ewe's rich pastures, which leads to the high-fat, high-protein milk that makes the cheeses so rich and flavorful. The couple supplement their range of pecorini with a caciotta made from the milk of 35 Jersey cows, and ricotta made in the traditional way, with the whey left over from cheesemaking. And this year they also have available a small quantity of their own olive oil, fresh-pressed from olives they harvested by hand in the groves owned by Luisa's family in the Maremma, in southern Tuscany. The quality of hand-crafted cheeses, the authenticity of traditional Old World methods, and the sustainability of healthy animals grazing the unspoiled land.

(at the Union Square Greenmarkets, Friday)


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181 County Route 12 Granville, NY 12832 

Borough:  Other
Type of Service:  Producers & Products
Snail of Approval Date:  2010