Eat, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is rigorously local and sustainable—all the food is purchased from organic farms in the northeast (with the exception of the fish, which comes from Hampton Bay via Greenmarket vendors), including the 6000 sq. ft. Rooftop Farms atop a warehouse right there in Greenpoint. That also includes Wild Hive Farm, which has almost single-handedly brought the milling of grain back to New York, and which provides all the flour for Eat's breads, pastries and pastas. To say that Eat serves a seasonal menu is understating the case—Eat serves what's fresh that day, and prepares it so as to emphasize that freshness. And Eat is one of the last places left in NYC where a significant number of those fresh, tasty and nutritious menu items still have single-digit prices.


(718) 389 - 8083

124 Meserole Ave

Borough:  Brooklyn
Type of Service:  Restaurant
Snail of Approval Date:  2010