Joe Doe

Ever think that a real ‘mom & pop’ business could exist in NYC? 
Meet JoeDoe, the ‘modern day mom & pop’ restaurant in the East Village. JoeDoe opened in September 2008 and is owned and operated by Chef Joe Dobias and Jill Schulster. JoeDoe restaurant is 26 seats with an open-air kitchen. Joe and Jill built JoeDoe with their own two hands and adorned the dining room with 19th century antiques and silverware collected from their parent’s houses.

         The  two came up with the term ‘Aggressive American’ to describe the cuisine. It's a combination of bold bright flavors with nods to Jewish, Italian, Asian, and Irish cultures. Why Jewish? Jill is Jewish; Joe is not….therefore, Joe was on a culinary mission to impress Jill’s parents. He loves pickles, and makes a mean brisket. Both Jill and Joe feel honored to have their first restaurant represent the culture of NYC’s Lower East Side and highlight its Jewish background. Why the influence from other cultures? Joe himself is Irish & Italian, and has worked in many Asian kitchens.

        You’ve probably heard this before, but Chef Joe prides himself on using seasonal and responsibly raised products without being preachy. If you’re eating fried chicken feet at JoeDoe….then you better understand those chickens were running around happy their whole lives. Ever try a Prepared Beer? They come from Jill’s imagination and combine hand-made spirits & artisanal beers, with seasonal juices, salts, and honey.

       Since Joe and Jill opened JoeDoe, they have been featured in The New York Times, Michelin Guide, TimeOut NY, NY Magazine, The NY Post, ABC News ‘Neighborhood Eats’, and many more. Chef Joe Dobias won $10,000 on Food Network’s hit cooking competition show ‘Chopped.’

       These two are driven, edgy, and artistic and they can’t wait to show you what JoeDoe is about! Keep an eye on them….they have other projects underway!


(212) 780-0262 

45 East 1st Street

New York, NY 10003


Borough:  Manhattan
Type of Service:  Restaurant
Snail of Approval Date:  2011