Lucy's Whey

Lucy's Whey sells American Artisanal cheeses. They all made by hand, and all present "a distinctive flavor profile that reflects the animals, the region, and the ingenuity of the cheesemakers." The staff is passionate and knowledgeable, not only about the cheeses but about the intrinsic relationship between taste, terroir and healthy communities that is at the heart of Slow Food's ethic of food that is good, clean and fair. Full disclosure: One of those people is Chelsea Market store manager Amy Thompson, longtime member of the SFNYC leadership and our resident cheese expert. Say "Hi" to Amy when you visit the store – I'm sure she'll offer you a taste of something magnificently funky.


(631) 324 - 4428
80 North Main St
East Hampton, NY

(212) 463 - 9500
425 West 15th St

Borough:  Manhattan
Type of Service:  Producers & Products
Snail of Approval Date:  2010