Marlow and Daughters

It was the whole animal program at Diner and Marlow and Sons that led to the latest addition to the family, Marlow and Daughters, an old-fashioned neighborhood butcher shop in the historic former barbershop just up the block. Caroline and head butcher Tom Mylan buy whole animals from sustainable regional farms like Flying Pigs Farm, 3-Corner Field Farm and Slope Farm, from which they supply the restaurants and produce notable charcuterie, including paté, duck leg confit, several kinds of rillettes and fresh sausages. Buying dinner at Marlow and Daughters is the kind of snout-to-tail shopping experience that is now all too rare, with hearts, trotters, shanks, tails and marrow bones taking their proper place alongside the hand-trimmed steaks and chops.


(718) 388 - 5700

95 Broadway


Borough:  Brooklyn
Type of Service:  Restaurant
Snail of Approval Date:  2009