Meat Hook, The

The Meat Hook, snuggled in at the back of The Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg, offers responsible carnivores meat from regionally, humanely and sustainably raised livestock. It's easy to spot The Brooklyn Kitchen as you walk along Frost St—a life-sized statue of a steer stands outside the front door. You walk through the aisles of the store to get to The Meat Hook counter and showcases, where butcher Tom Mylan, a former apprentice to Josh Applestone of Fleisher's Grass-fed and Organic Meats, and his partners Brent Young and Ben Turley, break down animals and primals into familiar cuts and make charcuterie, salumi, and sausages. The partners excel at sausages in two genres, classy and trashy, the former including andouille, chorizo, and fennel, and the later including house inventions like "honky white hots" and "the spicy big bite." I picked up a pound of Brent's white hots, based on an original Rochester, N.Y. recipe, I was told, and a sampling of pâtés, and I was hooked.

(718) 349 - 5033
100 Frost Street

Borough:  Brooklyn
Type of Service:  Food Stores & Markets
Snail of Approval Date:  2010