Pizza Moto

A crew of pizza makers traveling the earth with a stone and steel hearth welded to a flatbed trailer. We built our oven inspired by equal parts locomotive and Italian grandmother. Tired of sad, lifeless street fair pizza, we wanted to make real pizza for NYC’s outdoor events in the Italian tradition of the wood fired oven, with a rig that’s on wheels! and light weight! and (virtually) indestructible!

What we came up with are the ovens pictured here. Each a simple, vaulted, steel hull encasing a thick, insulated, soapstone hearth. The antique fireplace frames give the ovens a beautiful vintage facade while the modern materials that compose the structure allow us to fire them upwards of 750 degrees. 

At present PizzaMoto has two ovens:  The Original, a smaller hottie that we bring to our home base at the Brooklyn Flea in Ft. Greene, and our newest oven (Enterprise B), for large, wood-fired, NY-style pies at Summer Stage in Central Park NYC. 

Borough:  Other
Type of Service:  Street Vendor
Snail of Approval Date:  2011