Rick's Pick

Brine got into Rick Field’s blood at an early age. As a kid in the 70’s he made pickles with his parents in Vermont. "Pickling is fun," says Rick, and that’s why he started making pickles in his Brooklyn apartment in 1997, using local produce from the nearby Greenmarket. By 2004, Rick was winning pickle awards and he gave up his "day job" to become a professional pickler.

I once asked Rick, jokingly, if he dreamt pickles; he said yes, and he wasn’t kidding. He’s dreamt up some that are pretty fantastic, like nobody else's: Mean Beans, Phat Beets, Pepi Pep Peps, Whup Asp, GT 100s, and the extraordinary Smokra.

Munching Rick's pickles is always a taste adventure, but the excitement doesn't stop when the jar is done. The brines are so special you can use them to marinate, braise, or flavor sauces. Rick's Picks are available at Greenmarkets and at many local food stores.

Borough:  Other
Type of Service:  Producers & Products
Snail of Approval Date:  2008