Rouge Tomate

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Rouge Tomate, a massive bi-level urban retreat fashioned of glass, foliage, eco-friendly fabrics and FSC-certified woods, is the Madison Avenue branch of a high-concept Belgian resto committed to a sophisticated cuisine that is also socially and environmentally responsible.

Chef Jeremy Bearman and pastry chef James Distefano, working with on-staff culinary nutritionist Natalia Rusin, actively seek out local ingredients and fashion them into dishes that maximize both their natural flavors and their nutritional value. The open "artichoke" kitchen provides continuous gastro-theatre; the spacious ground floor combines the virtues of a fresh-squeezed juice bar with those of an artisanal cocktail lounge.


(646) 237 - 8977

10 E. 60th (Madison)


Borough:  Manhattan
Type of Service:  Restaurant
Snail of Approval Date:  2009