Salumeria Biellese

Salumeria Biellese has been making artisanal salumi on the west side of Manhattan since it was founded by Ugo Buzzio, from the Piemontese village of Curino, near Biella, back in 1925. Ugo was joined in the business by his paesano Piero Fiorio, and today Ugo's son, Marc Buzzio, and Piero's sons-in-law, Paul Valetutti and Fouad Alsharif, carry on the tradition along with their sons, making Salumeria Biellese a third-generation family affair. They make nearly 100 types of cured meats and fresh and dried sausages, and part of what's amazing about them is what's NOT in them: BHA, BHT, lactic acid, coloring, sodium erythorbate... Co-owner Paul says they started using sustainably and humanely raised animals—Berkshire pork from family farms in the Midwest, and beef and lamb from Pennsylvania—about 15 years ago because of its superior quality. The salumeria is tucked behind an old-fashioned Italian-American deli, and around the corner from an offshoot restaurant, Biricchino, at either of which you can sample an assortimento of the products, just to get the hang of it.


(212) 736 - 7376

378 8th Avenue


Borough:  Manhattan
Type of Service:  Producers & Products
Snail of Approval Date:  2010