Stinky Bklyn

Stinky Bklyn is a purveyor of cheeses, cured meats, and an eclectic assortment of packaged food products. They offer quite a few farmstead and artisanal cheeses from the Bronson Hill Creamery, Sprout Creek Farm, Northland Sheep Dairy, and other local producers. Milk and other dairy products are from Evans Farm House Dairy. Salvatore, a well-known Brooklyn processor, supplies ricotta, and yogurt is from an Icelandic recipe made in Queens by Siggis.

Stinky has a wide variety of charcuterie meats, among which are prosciutto butchered and cured on West 29th Street in Manhattan, and another from Iowa cured according Italian tradition.

Stinky's diverse collection of local products includes Carymo handmade candies from the Finger Lakes region, Fee Brothers bitters from Rochester (since 1864), and 10 pound bags of Champlain Valley organic whole wheat flour.

Stinky's floor is attended by knowledgeable and enthusiastic foodies always willing to help out, chat or give an opinion.


(718) 522 - 7425

261 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231


Borough:  Brooklyn
Type of Service:  Food Stores & Markets
Snail of Approval Date:  2008