Urban Harvest

SFNYC Urban Harvest teaches New York City children about the effects of good food on their health and well-being, the health of their communities, and the health of the planet.

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SFNYC Urban Harvest supports hands-on Good Food Education that gives children an understanding of what good food is; where it comes from; how it is produced and distributed; how it affects the planet; how healthy it is; and, of course, how good it tastes. In structured learning experiences, children are exposed to healthy food and are inspired to share what they have learned with their families, friends, and communities.

SFNYC Urban Harvest consists of two unique, complementary program components: Urban Harvest in Schools, operating at schools during the academic year (September through June), and Urban Harvest Farm at Ujima, a tuition-free, educational urban farm community resource operating in East New York, Brooklyn during summer months (July and August).


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SFNYC Urban Harvest is featured as a resource in The Active Design Toolkit for Schools (pages 30 - 31), published by The Partnership for a Healthier New York City.

The Partnership for a Healthier New York City represents a multi-disciplinary group of people working in education, public health, youth development, urban planning and transportation with a common goal of making New York City a healthier place for everyone. The Active Design Toolkit for Schools represents the work of this Partnership with input from representatives of New York City's Departments of Health and Mental Hygiene, Education, and Transportation. This toolkit was inspired by conversations with New Yorkers who envisioned creative ways of implementing active design in our children's schools to promote physical activity and healthy eating.

For more information about The Partnership for a Healthier New York City, visit: www.healthiernyc.org.