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The Village Voice 5th annual Choice Eats Tasting Event

Featuring 50+ restaurants and food from over 35 nations, Choice Eats stands out as a food event that highlights the hidden gems of New York City's diverse culinary landscape.

Slow Food NYC Volunteer Training--October 21

You have asked for volunteer opportunities—helping out at events and sharing your love for Good, Clean and Fair food in New York City.

Jack Johnson Donation Match--up to $2500!

Please donate before October 15 for Slow Food NYC to receive matching funds!

Nine New Snail of Approval Awards

Looking for a little bite of something good, clean and fair?

Pave Paradise? Don’t Let It Happen

(This Article came to us from Slow Food USA and was written by By Kris Kohler and published in the Linewaiter's Gazette - A Brooklyn Food Coop Publication)

We're the Choir. Preach to Us

There is a cadre of devoted Brooklyn eaters who crave more than a good meal when they go out to eat, and restaurateurs all over the borough have stepped up to the pulpit.
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