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  • Chipotle: The Hybrid Car of the Fast Food Industry

    There's no doubt that Chipotle is making an effort to build an environmentally sustainable business, with farm fresh ingredients from local farms, but their priorities come into question when you see their extensive and expensive marketing campaigns.
  • Eating Our Way Through Choice Eats 2014

    This year's Village Voice Choice Eats Tasting Event was like a Noah's Ark of food, housing every kind of cuisine imaginable, and a deluge of hungry people flooded the venue from all corners of the city.
  • Q+A with Rosemary Jorda, Event Director for Choice Eats

    The upcoming Choice Eats tasting extravaganza needs no introduction. This bacchanalia of food and drink is eagerly anticipated by city chowhounds for the impressive quality and breadth of food samples that will be served. The event, which is in its seventh year, has finalized the lineup of 84 participating restaurants that will all convene at Basketball City at Pier 36 from 7:00PM-10:00PM on March 25, 2014.
  • Table To Farm: The Restaurant Returns to the Source

    January 18th marked the third in a series of dinners by The Blooming Hill Farm Supper Club, featuring a team from NYC's Lupa Restaurant which has earned the Slow Food Snail of Approval.
  • Book Review: "The Meat Racket" by Christopher Leonard

    Christopher Leonard's new exposé on the chicken industry focuses on the economic machinery that delivers meat to us, or, as he puts it, "the hidden power structure that has quietly reshaped U.S. rural economies while gaining unprecedented control over the nation's meat supply."
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